In Memory of Billy Frontuto

Billy Frontuto was a silent partner of High Flow Dynamics, and was the original designer of most of the parts that High Flow Dynamics offers. He was a true pioneer in high performance drag racing parts, a real badass who humbly produced parts sold under bigger commercial names such as Iskendarian, Pete Jackson, High Flow Dynamics, Arias, and others. Billy machined the world’s first ever billet Boss 429 Hemi heads; he developed and created the full-length dual rocker shaft 16-plug Top Fuel hemi heads offered exclusively by High Flow Dynamics, as well as all the other Top Fuel style performance parts seen on our website.

Billy Frontuto in Black MagicIn the late 1970’s, Billy was being courted by Craftsman Tools to be their Top Fuel Funny Car driver. Around that time, a defective front wheel in his race car broke away on a 200+ mph pass. This horrifying accident left Billy a paraplegic and in a wheelchair. Yet for the next 37 (thirty-seven) years, Billy continued to build race cars, build hot rods, and manufacture high performance engine parts. And for the last ten years, my proprietorship of High Flow Dynamics was the business where his personally designed Ford racing parts were made for sale.

Many of you who know me fully understand that I don’t pay material attention to time, or age, etc. But for those who are curious–and given the world that most live in–Billy did half his life in that chair and he lived to be 77 years old, a very full life, and one lived more full than most anyone I know. To me this is true character: a passionate, endlessly ambitious, driven individual who let nothing–not even the most life changing experience–get in the way of his interests and passions. We all face the inevitable, and for Billy it was March 10, 2014.

Billy Frontuto was not only my business partner, he was a stand up man of unwavering character, he was my friend. And in many ways, Billy Frontuto was my hero. May he rest in peace.

Please enjoy the two videos directly below, where Billy is interviewed.

Paul Kane

Billy Frontuto in Black Magic