Who We Are

High Flow Dynamics are dedicated to enhancing the performance characteristics of the Ford 429/460 engine family.  Our background includes years of formal training in automotive and firsthand experience in the machine shop and at the racecourse.  After a component is conceived and engineered, it is proven at the racetrack prior to being brought to market.

Who We Are

High Flow Dynamics was born from the increased need for quality, specialty performance parts for the 429-460 engine family at a time when the engine’s notoriety for high performance is gaining momentum.

Not long after its introduction and during the time most had mistakenly dismissed this engine design as little more than a low performance luxury sedan motor, the primary designers of our performance products were disassembling Ford 460’s and finding themselves impressed with the overall engine design, and subsequently experiencing success with them at the drag strip. The instant promise of performance from the Ford 460 warranted creating custom fabricated, race oriented componentry for their own personal use, as almost no performance parts for these engines existed at the time.

The uniquely engineered 460 performance parts of these machinists/race car fabricators evolved into the very products High Flow Dynamics offers to you today. Our products are designed in house, by the very same machinists/fabricators who began exploring the possibilities of this engine as far back as the 1970’s and which continues to this day.

At a time when performance parts for American V8 engines are increasingly being manufactured overseas in places where the final product is often sub-par in quality, High Flow Dynamics rises to the occasion to make available many different quality, race proven, American made performance parts for the Ford 429-460.

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide a high quality product and reliable, personalized service for our customers. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site, browsing over our performance prep tips, and using our products as much as we enjoy providing these things for you.

Our Company

We are happy to have taken our business to the web, thereby providing high performance 429-460 engine builders another place in cyberspace to turn for performance parts and information. We are proud to be here for our fellow enthusiasts.

Our Employees

Our employees play an important role in our business. Each and every one has brought meaningful firsthand experience to the table and enabled us to create great products, bring them to market, and get them to you. We bring our passion for the 429-460 engine family to you through our business, our performance parts, and the information on this web site.

Our Shop

Our in-house machine shops originated in southern California where our newly born products could be brought to any of the several nearby race courses for repeated real world testing prior to offering the design for sale.

Later we established a secondary shop in northern California which allowed us to keep supply up with demand on certain products. This facility eventually became our primary location.

Our inventory is currently kept in northern California where it can be readily shipped anywhere on short notice.

Our Test Vehicles

Over the years, our products have been proven in many vehicles.  One of our earliest test vehicles was this Mustang drag car that managed 7.20’s in the quarter mile using cast iron 2-bolt passenger car block, iron passenger car heads, and a factory cast iron 460 crank. Now that’s proving the capability of the factory iron!

Funny car drag racing - High Flow Dynamics

Later came the famed “Nightmare,” a race car that ran in Fuel-Altered trim with a Model T body (shown directly below) and also as a Funny Car (Nightmare II, next lower photo).  This vehicle used almost every product High Flow Dynamics currently offers.  With this car, we eventually moved up and experimented with aftermarket aluminum heads and blocks and, while capable of generating more power, we found we could almost manage similar time slips with the production parts.

Fuel Altered Burnout in 1988. Drag car.Nightmare Funny Car launching

More recently constructed is the Nightmare front engine dragster for Pro 7.0 and possibly Nostalgia Top Fuel (below). This in-house, hand fabricated race car chassis received its NHRA 5.0 Top Fuel certification at its very first NHRA chassis inspection, and right after its initial shakedown passes was instantly running low 7’s at 190 MPH with standard valve layout wedge heads (A429) and a passenger car block (D0VE-A) before we even began to tune the engine.

This race car chassis is already NHRA 5.0 Top Fuel certified and is currently going through its shakedown passes in preparation for Pro 7.0, and hopefully in Nostalgia Top Fuel

Another vehicle proving our products is the dry lakes racer.  The engine in this car is uses our billet hemi heads and is generating so much power that the primary focus is currently getting the rear tires to hook up better with the clay.  Nevertheless, top speed for the 2009 season improved a whopping 14 mph, to 228 mph on the El Mirage’s short 1-1/3 mile course; then in 2010 it reached 244+ mph its first time at Bonneville Speedway’s 3 Mile course. We feel there’s a significant amount of additional speed still remaining.

The engine in this car is uses our billet hemi heads and is generating so much power that the primary focus is currently getting the rear tires to hook up better with the clay.